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Titanium Tableware Dinner Plate Ultralight 3-in-1 Divided Food Plate

SKU: 85414 Brand: Ti Outdoor Products

Quantity: 1 PCS per set Titanium Tableware Dinner Plate

Material: Titanium GR1

Shipping : DHL/UPS



About Rison Titanium Tableware Dinner Plate

Name : Titanium Tableware Dinner Plate 3-in-1 Divided Food Plate

Material : Titanium GR1

Size : 250x200x35mm ( 9.8×7.9×1.4″ )

Brand : RISON-Titanium

Color : Raw/Blue/Red

Occasion : BBQ,Fishing,Hiking,Picnic,Travel,Camping,Fruit,School,Outdoor

Package : 1 PCS Plate (without Chopsticks,Spoons,Cup)

Titanium Dinner Plate Merit

Material : Our Titanium Tableware Dinner Plate is Made of high quality titanium Titanium GR1.

Which is not only never rust,healthy, lightweight and eco-friendly, corrosion resistant.But also

high and low temperature resistant, high hardness, no deformation and so on.

Lightweight & Portable : Titanium is a ultralight material,30% Stronger Than Steel but Almost 50%

Lighter.So it is very Convenient to carrying, great for travelers backpack.

Health : The dish plate color is titanium color. It is easy to clean, dishwasher safe. It is not easy to

react with substances, so has no metal flavor residue. Health and Eco-friendly.

Why Choose Titanium Dinner Plate?

【Ultralight】Titanium Tableware Dinner Plate is about 60% the density of stainless steel.And it is

more lighter,and has an easy-to-clean surface. Moreover Titanium is Durable and won’t peel

or crack.Thick shatterproof construction,reusable,not breakable, long life.And our Titanium Plate

is stackable per piece, dishwasher safe,Easy to clean.Stackable to save cabinet space.

【Unique Colors】Physically generate beautiful, high-value colors. The product

is beautifully packaged.Children’s high fondness for cutlery can increase their appetite. Children prefer

these dishes and are more conducive to their healthy growth. For some picky eaters, if he likes to use

the dishes in this tableware, which will make your meal time more relaxing and enjoyable.

【3 in 1 】There are separate compartments to hold different types of food, preventing the food from

slipping and mixing.Both hot and cold food are suitable for this plate, Also you can place food with

different temperatures in each section.For younger kids, dividers make it easy to divide meals,

and plates with several dividers are great. (Some kids don’t want their different foods touching

each other)

【Suitable for ages】Toddlers 12 months and older can eat with confidence using adult-sized utensils.

GR1 pure titanium material, unlike plastic and stainless steel, will not precipitate heavy metals. Our

plates are non-porous for everyday use, the smooth rounded edges have no rough spots and won’t

harm your child’s soft skin.As well as the plate surface is clean enough to store a variety of fruit foods

with confidence.

About Us

Our company is a very professional company which is specialized in Titanium production.Our brand is

Rison Titanium.RISON-Titanium Has Been Focusing on Titanium Products for Ten Years.

Our company is not only Top manufacturer but also fully stocked supplier.

We are the American Titanium Industry Association Member .All the raw materials and finished parts

are inspected by the authoritative third-party testing institutions to ensure quality.Moreover

We always believe that customer’s satisfaction is the biggest driving force for the company’s


We Manufacture our titanium products in Strictly Accordance with ISO9001:2015& AS 9100 :2018


Tips : The Customs Clearance Fee Shall Be Borne By the Buyer

We can customize all titanium products (color/size and so on) ,you can contact us if you have

special requirements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within 24 hours.


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