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RISON TITANIUM is a non-ferrous metal processing enterprise which is specialized in the production of titanium and titanium alloy materials. Company has advanced production equipment, strong technical force, perfect testing methods, more than 10 years experience of material production and titanium equipment manufacturing, we supply the high-quality titanium materials and titanium equipment manufacturing for customers. Our main products: titanium rod, titanium plate, titanium tube, titanium wire, medical titanium plate, titanium standard part, titanium processing part, titanium heat exchanger, titanium plate mesh, titanium pipe fitting, titanium storage tank, titanium electrolytic plate, titanium screw, titanium ring, titanium tank, titanium bucket, titanium mesh basket, cathode and anode titanium plate, titanium hanger, etc.

The company passed the ISO 9001-2000 quality system certification, is a star enterprise in our local city. The mature technology, advanced equipment and high starting point of product quality is our advantage. All the raw materials and finished parts are inspected by the authoritative third-party testing institutions to ensure the quality of products. In terms of customer service, we always believed that customer satisfaction is the biggest driving force for the company's development.
Corporate culture:
Enterprise Purpose: Customer first, honest service!
Enterprise Goal: To make world-class products! Create a world-class brand!
Enterprise Philosophy: Integrity first, quality first!
Enterprise Spirit: Seriously responsible, pioneering and innovative!

Why choose Titanium:

Unique for its strength, lightness of weight and corrosion resistance
Lightweight and high strength
Corrosion resistant to chlorides, sea water & chlorine
Excellent mechanical properties
Titanium grades, chemistry & specifications

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“The best quality”
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