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Rison Titanium Spork Long Handle Camping Outdoor Lightweight Cutlery Spoon

SKU: 11156 Brand: Ti Outdoor Products

Quantity: 1 PCS per set

Material: Titanium GR1

Shipping : DHL/UPS



About Titanium Spork Long Handle Camping Outdoor

【Specifications:】Length: 218mm/8.6″, Size: Φ218*38mm/1.5″;Weight: 19g/0.67oz.Color: Silver;

  Quantity: 1PCS, Package: 1 Titanium Spork Long Handle Flatware.

【Extended Long Handle】Our Titanium Spork Long Handle Flatware the Long handle is enough to

   reach/stir the bottom of the dehydrated meals/Mountain House meal bag/MRE bags.Or other

   deep cook pots, deep containers without getting your fingers dirty or burned.

【Use occasion】Titanium Spork/spoon is Ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, picnic, home, or

   packed lunches for work or school. Or keep in car in case of impromptu meals.


Lightweight, titanium construction.

Features a long handle to reach the bottle corner easily.

Polished bowl with flat head for smooth touch.

A hole on the handle for convenient attachment to a key chain or carabiner.

Titanium Long Handle Spork Merit

【Lightweight And Portable】Material : Titanium GR1,;Titanium is an ultra-light material, the titanium

  density is about 60% of stainless steel.It is lightweight and portable, perfect for any outdoor travel.

  Thanks to the practical holes, this outdoor cooking Spork can be hung anywhere you like place.

  It’s super light and durable.

【Widely used】Our Titanium Spork is Widely used for camping, hiking, picnicking, and traveling.

  Moreover It’s a functional tool that simplifies outdoor cooking, eating, protecting the environment!

  Which is portable carrying and easy to store.

【Easy to Clean】Its tines are also longer than typical fork tines, making it easy to clean! You can

  wipe them clean and/or rinse them with cold water. Because titanium is a smooth surface and

  you don’t have to worry about lingering flavors or oils on Spork . Dishwasher safe too. Lightweight,

  durable,rust-resistant, heat-resistant.

Brand Story

Our company is a very professional company which is specialized in Titanium production.Our

brand is Rison Titanium .RISON-Titanium Has Been Focusing on Titanium Products for Ten Years.

Our company is not only Top manufacturer but also fully stocked supplier.We have 12 Years

manufacture and sales experience. We can offer mature technology, advanced equipment as

well as high product quality.

We are the American Titanium Industry Association Member .

We always believe that customer’s satisfaction is the biggest driving force for the company’s


Why choose our company-Rison Titanium?

We Manufacture our titanium products in Strictly Accordance with ISO9001:2015& AS 9100:2018

standard.At the same time our company is an enterprise star in our local city.

We manufacture All products on the basis of international standards: EN, AMS, ASTM, ASME ,JIS etc.

Our company can customize all the products according to the customer’s drawings;

Moreover if customers do not have drawings or samp ,we can design the products according to

the thought of customers.

Tips :

Buy with Confidence, Over 60,000 Titanium Products in Stock, Ship within 1-2 working days.

The Customs Clearance Fee Shall Be Borne By the Buyer

We can customize all titanium products (color/size and so on) ,you can contact us if you have

special requirements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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