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Rison Titanium Flanged Metal Lock Nut 5pcs

SKU: 53732 Brand: Ti Nuts & Washer

Quantity: 5PCS per set

Material: Titanium GR5

Shipping:  DHL/UPS



Titanium Flanged Metal Lock Nut has an integral washer which serves to distribute the pressure of the Nut over the part being secured, reducing the chance of damage to the part and making it less likely to loosen as a result of an uneven fastening surface.

It also uses a stamped metal insert which acts as a locking mechanism by deforming over the threads of the bolt.
The insert locks the Nut in two ways. First, it forces the bottom face of the screw threads against the top face of the Nut threads, increasing the friction between the two. Second, the insert applies a compressive force against the screw itself.

All of our Titanium products Manufacture in Strictly Accordance with ISO9001:2015& AS 9100 :2018 .Also we can custom size/color/material our productions.

The Nuts Machined from lightweight, highly corrosion resistant, grade 5 Titanium.

The GR5 Titanium Flanged Metal Lock Nut is Environmental Protection,High Temperature Resistance ,Light Weight, No Rust,Corrosion Resistance,Durable.These Titanium Flanged Metal Lock hex Nuts are 30% Stronger Than Steel nuts and Almost 50% Lighter.This is the reason why all kinds of modified car owners love titanium nuts so much .

Package : 5 PCS Titanium Flanged Nylon Nuts

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