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Rison Titanium Extended Wheel Stud M12x1.25/1.5 Titanium Studs 20PCS

SKU: 41294-1-1-1-1-1 Brands: M12 Titanium Bolts Titanium Lug Bolts Titanium Stud Bolts

Material : Titanium TC11,Ultra Light,Corrosion Resistant,

Resist Fatigue,No Rust,Durable,Screw Adapter

Shipping : DHL/UPS

Quantity : 20PCS per set




Name : Rison Titanium Extended Wheel Stud M12x1.25/1.5 Studs

Material : Titanium TC11

Brand : Rison Titanium

Size : M12x1.25x56mm,M12x1.5x56mm

Yield Strength : 890MPa (129KSI)

Tensile strength : 970MPa (141KSI)

Shear strength : 560MPa (81KSI)

Type : Stud

Quantity : 20 PCS Rison Titanium Extended Wheel Stud

Rison Titanium Extended Wheel Stud

Material : Titanium TC11, These Titanium Extended Wheel Studs are made of titanium TC11.

Merit : Our Titanium studs are critical to keeping the wheels attached to the vehicle.

Wheel studs are a much safer option than wheel studs. Install a set of quality wheel studs

and some lug nuts to ensure your vehicle runs safely.One of the troubles with installing

wheels directly on the hub is that it can be difficult to align the wheels with the bolt holes.

As the wheel gets larger, it becomes more difficult because it gets heavier and heavier.

To make it easier to swap wheels, stud conversions are a great way to make this process


About Our Rison Titanium Extended Wheel Stud

More Details :These studs are made using thread rolling instead of cutting for extra strength.

Each piece is hand polished before receiving our proprietary cold anodizing treatment for

colors that will last a lifetime!Available in bare, burnt, rainbow, or multiple solid colored finishes.

Durable : Titanium Wheel Stud is Made of Titanium TC11, with high quality titanium, they have

a very sporty and aggressive look. Lightweight and strong, not easy to deform, durable.

45% lighter than steel, Lighter than aluminum, harde than steel, and far superior to organic

materials such as stainless steel. Provides high performance and strength without fading.

Application : Evo 8/9/X/Multiple Fitments ,Universal according to the size
Shipping : Buy with Confidence, Over 60,000 Titanium Fasteners Titanium Material in Stock,
Ship within 1-2 working days.

About US

Our company is a very professional company which is specialized in Titanium production.

Our brand is Rison Titanium.RISON-Titanium Has Been Focusing on Titanium Products for 10 Years.

Our company is not only Top manufacturer but also fully stocked supplier.We have 12 Years

manufacture and sales experience. We can offer mature technology, advanced equipment as

well as high product quality.

We are the American Titanium Industry Association Member .

Moreover We always believe that customer’s satisfaction is the biggest driving force for the

company’s development.

We Manufacture our titanium products in Strictly Accordance with ISO9001:2015& AS 9100 :2018

standard.We can ensure our Rison Titanium Extended Wheel Stud Quality .

Tips : The Customs Clearance Fee Shall Be Borne By the Buyer

Warm prompt :

1.Due to the complexity of the original accessory models and batches, there may be a mismatch

with this product.Therefore,after receiving it,please compare the original specifications and confirm

them to be correct before proceeding with installation.

2.Please Install the product strictly according to the torque marked in the original accessories manual.

3.In case of any discrepancy with the original factory specifications or if you feel installation difficulties

during the initial stage of installation, please immediately stop the installation behavior and contact

the after-sales service to handle the return and exchange procedures.

4.Forcible installation is strictly prohibited

5.If the product (or accessories, etc.) is damaged due to forced installation or unauthorized

modification,all losses shall be borne by the buyer.

You also can contact us if you have any questions,we ‘d be happy to help you any time.

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