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Titanium Lug Nuts


Name : Rison Titanium Lug Nuts

Material : Aerospace Grade 6AL4V Titanium Grade 5

Brand : Rison Titanium

Fastener Type : Wheel

Surface : PVD coating Technology

About This Item

Material : Aerospace Grade 6AL4V Titanium Grade 5

Merit :Titanium Lug Nut is not only Environment Protection,High Performance ,but also Light Weight,No Rust,

Corrosion Resistance,Durable

Standard : Manufacture in Strictly Accordance with ISO9001:2015 and AS 9100 :2018

Comparison : Titanium Lug Nuts are 45% Lighter Than Stainless Steel Nuts,however The Tensile Strength is

more Than Doubled.

Quality Assurance : Rison Titanium Conical Seat Open Ended Lug Nut Quality Inspected Before Shipping In

a word ,If you are a performance-minded enthusiast looking to save weight wherever possible .Or you just

want a set of very high quality wheel NUTS that won’t rust, Our Titanium Wheel NUTS are exactly what you

need.Titanium open ended lug NUTS are 45% lighter than steel bolts of the same size, thus reducing

rotational mass on the vehicle.They are CNC’d from annealed titanium alloy and when tested to

class 10.9 fastener proof load requirements, they showed no signs of fatigue or failure.

Our Service

Customization Is Accepted ,Reply Within 24 Hours in woring days All of our products customization is

accepted (color/size and so on) ,you can contact us if you have special requirements.

Tips : The Customs Clearance Fee Shall Be Borne By the Buyer

Warm Prompt : Dear Friend,You can use our Wheel Stud to match the Titanium Lug nuts.

When you buy our Titanium Lug Nuts,please check our picture listed,which you can know how to use it.

You also can contact us if you have any questions,we ‘d be happy to help you any time.

12PT Rison Titanium Stud Lock Lug Nuts 20PCS M12/M14X1.5mm


M12/M14 Rison Titanium Closed End Lug Nuts Wheel Accessories Parts 20PCS


M14 Rison Titanium Closed End Lug Nuts Wheel Accessories Parts 4PCS


M14X1.25/1.5 Open End Cone Seat Rison Titanium Lug Nuts of 20PCS


Porsche Rison Titanium Closed Ended Racingpart M14X1.5mm Lug Nuts 20PCS


Rison Titanium 20PCS M12 Open End Locking Lug Nuts Anti-theft Wheel Nut


Rison Titanium Closed End Lug Nuts M14 Wheel Accessories Parts 100PCS


Rison Titanium Lug Nut Open Ended 20PCS – M12/14×1.25/1.5


Rison Titanium Open End Cone Seat Lug Nuts M12X1.25/1.5 20PCS

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