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M6 DIN7991 Titanium Countersunk Bolt 5pcs

SKU: 89824 Brand: M6 Titanium Bolts

Material : Titanium GR5 Ti6AL4V,Ultra Light,Corrosion Resistant,

Multi color option,Resist Fatigue,No Rust,Durable

Shipping : DHL/UPS

Quantity : 6PCS per set



About DIN7991 Titanium Countersunk Bolt M6

Name : DIN7991 Rison Titanium Countersunk Bolt M6

Brand : Rison Titanium

Weight : 0.363 ounces(10.3 g)

Size : M6x15 , M6x20 , M6x25 , M6x30 , M6x40 , M6x45mm

Material : Aviation Grade Ti6AL4V (TC4) Titanium Alloy, GR 5

Surface : PVD Coating Technology

Product Type : Bolt

Head Style : Countersunk

Thread Diameter : 6mm

Thread Pitch : 1.00mm

Head Diameter : 11.8mm

Head Height : 3.75mm

Shank Length : 7mm

Allen Key Size : 4mm

Thread Coverage : M6x15/20/25/30mm Fully Threaded ,M6x35/40mm Partial Thread

Pack Quantity : 6 PCS Rison Titanium Countersunk Bolts

Why Choose Titanium Countersunk Bolt M6

This is the only style of bolt where the head is included in the length measurement, as it sits below

the surface, the head contributes to the overall length.

The DIN7991 Titanium Countersunk Bolt M6 is Made from 6AL-4V (Grade 5) Titanium are 45% lighter

than steel bolts of the same size, thus reducing rotational mass on the vehicle. They are CNC’d from

annealed titanium alloy and when tested to class 10.9 fastener proof load requirements, they showed

no signs of fatigue or failure.

Titanium Screws/Bolts are not only Lightweight and high strength,Corrosion resistantto chlorides,

sea water & chlorine ,Excellent mechanical properties.But also Environmental Protection,High

Temperature Resistance ,Durable and so on .

Moreover Titanium Countersunk Bolt is widely used for Aerospace,Medical Component,Military &

Defense,Petrochemical,Stamping,Laser cutting,Waterjet cutting.Also it is used for Home/ Office

Appliance,Communication Equipments,Ship Assembly,Machinery Industry,Furniture,Storage Box

Fixing Component, Industrial and Construction Fasteners and so on.

About Us

Our company is a very professional company which is specialized in Titanium production.Our brand is

Rison Titanium.RISON-Titanium Has Been Focusing on Titanium Products for Ten Years.

Our company is not only Top manufacturer but also fully stocked supplier.We can ensure our DIN7991

Titanium Countersunk Bolt M6 quality and offer lower price for our customers~

We are the American Titanium Industry Association Member.

We Manufacture our titanium products in Strictly Accordance with ISO9001:2015& AS 9100 :2018


Moreover We always believe that customer’s satisfaction is the biggest driving force for the company’s


Tips : The Customs Clearance Fee Shall Be Borne By the Buyer

We can customize all titanium products (color/size and so on) ,you can contact us if you have

special requirements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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