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Titanium Wire Titanium Welding Wire 3D Printing Wire GR2 Ti Wire Hanging Wire Ø0.8-1.2mm 10Kg

SKU: 98795 Brand: Titanium Material

Material :  Titanium GR2, CP Titanium 

Dimensions : Diameter :0.8mm/1mm/1.2mm

Shipping : UPS/DHL

Quantity : 10KG GR2 Titanium Wire



Rison Titanium Wire Specifications :

Name : Titanium Wire Titanium Welding Wire Rison Titanium Wire GR2 Titanium Wire

Brand: Rison Titanium

Size : Diameter 0.8mm/1mm/1.2mm

Weight : 10Kg

Material : GR2 Titanium

Package : 10Kg Titanium Round Wire

Specialty : RISON-Titanium Has Been Focusing on Titanium Products for Ten Years

Qualification : American Titanium Industry Association Member


GR2 titanium wire is commonly used in various applications due to its excellent properties,

including high strength, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility.

Some common applications of GR2 titanium wire include:

Aerospace industry: Titanium wire is used in the aerospace industry for components that

require high strength and low weight. It is commonly used in aircraft structures, engine parts,

and fasteners.

Medical implants: Titanium wire is biocompatible and non-toxic, making it ideal for medical

implants such as surgical instruments, orthopedic implants, and dental implants.

Chemical processing: Titanium wire is resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for use in

chemical processing equipment, such as pumps, valves, and heat exchangers.

Marine industry: Titanium wire is highly resistant to corrosion in saltwater environments, making

it ideal for use in marine applications such as boat fittings, propeller shafts, and offshore structures.

Automotive industry: Titanium wire is used in the automotive industry for exhaust systems,

suspension components, and other high-performance applications where strength and

corrosion resistance are important.

Overall, GR2 titanium wire is a versatile material with a wide range of applications across various

industries due to its unique properties.


1. Light Weight : GR2 Titanium Wire is 30% Stronger Than Steel and Almost 50% Lighter

2. Good heat resistance : GR2 Titanium Round Wire can be used for a long time at a

temperature of 600*C or higher.Usually aluminum loses its original properties at 150°C and

stainless steel at 310°C.

3. No Rust : Rusting is an oxidation reaction, but Titanium is very inactive and difficult to be oxidized

anyway. So titanium Hanging Wire metal nearly no rust. And titanium alloy can be kept as new for

tens of thousands of years.

4. Good Low-temperature performance : some titanium alloys strength (such as Ti-5AI-2.5SnELI)

increases with the decrease of temperature. They still have good ductility and toughness at low

temperatures. It can be used as ultralow temperature container and storage tank on dry liquid

hydrogen.And titanium also be used liquid oxygen rocket engine or manned spacecraft.

5. Shape memory function: It refers to the ability of Ti-50% Ni (atomic) alloy to recover its original

shape under certain temperature conditions.

Titanium Grade 2

Common Trade Names: Titanium Grade 2; Commercially Pure Titanium Grade 2;

Titanium Grade 2  UNS R50400, Of the four commercially pure (C.P.) titanium grades, Grade 2 is

typically used in applications that require superior corrosion resistance in various aggressive media.

Corrosion resistance is similar between these four C.P. grades but mechanical properties vary along

with varying oxygen and iron contents.

Typical applications for the “C.P.” grades include chemical process, petroleum refiningbiomedical

as well as heat exchangers in an array of different applications. Continuous service temperatures

can reach up to 800°F with occasional, intermittent service at 1000°F.

Why choose our company?

Our advantages are mature technology, advanced equipment and high product quality.

All the raw materials and finished parts are inspected by the authoritative third-party testing

institutions to ensure quality.Moreover We always believe that customer’s satisfaction is the

biggest driving force for the company’s development.

Quality assurance : Our Titanium Wire Titanium Welding Wire 3D Printing Wire GR2 Ti Wire

Hanging Wire Quality Inspected Before Shipping

We Manufacture our titanium products in Strictly Accordance with ISO9001:2015& AS 9100 :2018

standard.At the same time our company is an enterprise star in our local city.

All the time we manufacture All products on the basis of international standards: EN, AMS, ASTM,

ASME,JIS,etc; Our company can customize all the products according to the customer’s drawings;

Moreover we can design the products according to thethought of customers,if customers do not

have drawings or samples.

We can customize all titanium products (color/size and so on) ,you can contact us if you have special


Tips : The Customs Clearance Fee Shall Be Borne By the Buyer

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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