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Rison Titanium Headless Bolts M4 Socket Head End Headless Screw 5PCS

SKU: 61559 Brand: M4 Titanium Bolts



Rison Titanium Titanium Headless Bolts Specifications:

Name : Rison Titanium Headless Bolts M4 Socket Head End Headless Screw

Brand : Rison Titanium

Material : Aerospace Grade Titanium GR5 TI 6AL4V

System of Measurement : Metric

Pitch : M4x0.7

Size : M4x0.7×8/10/12/13.5/16/18/20/22mm

Wrench Size: M4 Use 2mm Allen key

Color : Titanium Raw/Burnt Blue/Black/Gold/Rainbow

Package : 5 PCS Per Set Headless Bolts Screws

About Rison Titanium GR5 Headless Bolt :

1. Material :

Titanium Grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V , also sometimes called TC4, Ti64 or ASTM Grade 5, is an alpha-beta

titanium alloy.Grade 5 Titanium is one of the most popular alloys in the titanium industry and makes

up almost half of the titanium used in the world.Commonly referred to as Ti-6AL-4V (or Ti 6-4), this

designation refers to its chemical composition of almost 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, 4%

vanadium, 0.25% (max) iron and 0.2% (max) oxygen.

2. Merits:

GR5 titanium Headless Bolt has excellent strength, low modulus of elasticity, high corrosion resistance,

good weldability and it is heat treatable. The addition of aluminum and vanadium increases the

hardness of the material in the alloy matrix, improving its physical and mechanical properties.

light weight, titanium rod is 30% Stronger than Steel and Almost 50% Lighter.High temperature

resistance, the alloy is fully heat treatable in section sizes up to 15mm and is used up to approximately


And is resistant to the corrosive effects of salt water, many acids, alkalis, and other chemicals.

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