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Titanium Tent Pegs

About this item

Name : Titanium Tent Pegs/Stakers

Size : 9.84 x 0.31inch (8×250mm)

Weight : 57 g/2.01 oz/0.13 lb  1 pcs

Material : 6AL/4V(TC4) Titanium Alloy,Grade 5

Brand : Rison Titanium

Number of Pieces : 4/6PCS

Color : Titanium Silver


Incrediblly strong

Great for hard ground

Flat head, sturdy design

Reflective cord attached

Why Choose Titanium?

Titanium is incredibly lightweight, it doesn’t corrode or leech taste/chemicals,as strong as steel

but half the weight,and super resistant to extreme heat and cold. Titanium naturally resists bacteria

and mold and unlike stainless steel.

The Rison Titanium Tent Pegs/Stakers is exceptionally strong and provides excellent holding.It’s flat

head and straight shaft won’t bend when pounded into even the hardest soil. Reflective cord offers

increased visibility and easier removal.

More About Titanium Tent Pegs/Stakers

【Material】GR5 titanium alloy material, solid titanium alloy, High strength,no rust,suitable for hard

ground,durable and not easy to deform. When applied to soil, grass, beach,etc.It is not easy to

bend.So you can use it with confidence.

【Advantages】Field titanium alloy outdoor camping nails tent nails can easily drive into the ground

without bending, no rust,even in harsh conditions such as rain or snow,high-strength ground nails are

suitable for hard ground. Even very hard The soil is also easy to insert.

【Application】Our Rison Titanium Tent Pegs/Stakers are for camping,anchoring tents,canopies,

tarps or holiday decorations on the ground. Suitable for nailing tents,canopies,tarpaulins,etc.to the

ground.They are stronger and lighter than aluminum and

other metal stakes and take up less

space in the material bag.Sharp enough to hit the ground, but the points are rounded enough not

to damage your belonging bag or backpack.Lightweight and easy to carry,saving backpack space.

Perfect for outdoor camping and backpacking.

Brand Story

Our company is a very professional company which is specialized in Titanium production.

Our brand is Rison Titanium .

RISON-Titanium Has Been Focusing on Titanium Products for 12 Years.

Our company is not only Top manufacturer but also fully stocked supplier.We have 12 Years

manufacture and sales experience.We can offer mature technology,advanced equipment

as well as high product quality.

We are the American Titanium Industry Association Member .

We always believe that customer’s satisfaction is the biggest driving force for the company’s


Tips :

The Customs Clearance Fee Shall Be Borne By the Buyer

We can customize all titanium products (color/size and so on),you can contact us if you have

special requirements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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