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Titanium Round Bar

Company Profile :

1. Rison Titanium is a very professional company ,we are specialized in the production of Titanium more

than 12 years.

As well as we are the American Titanium Industry Association Member.

2.We are not only Top manufacturer but also fully stocked supplier with 12 Years manufacture experience.

Our advantages are as below :

First, the mature technology;

second,advanced equipment;third, high starting point of product quality.

3.Moreover All the raw materials and finished parts are inspected by the authoritative third-party testing

institutions to ensure quality.Above all we always believed that customer satisfaction is the biggest

driving force for our company’s development.

4.Our taitanium bar Quality Inspected Before Shipping and our company Manufacture in Strictly Accordance

with ISO9001:2015& AS 9100 :2018.Furthermore we are the star enterprise in our local city.

5.Our company manufacture All titanium products on the basis of international standards:EN,AMS,ASTM,ASME,

JIS,etc;We can customize all the products according to our customer’s drawings;Even though customers

do not have drawings or samples,we also can design the products according to the thought of customers.

Titanium Round Bar Rod feature

Product feature:

1. Light Weight : Titanium Round Bar Rod 30% Stronger than Steel however Almost 50% Lighter

2. Good heat resistance : Titanium Round Bar Rod even can be used for a long time at 600*C temperature or

morehigher.However aluminum usually loses its original properties at 150°C and stainless steel at 310°C.

3. No Rust : Rusting is an oxidation reaction, but Titanium is very inactive and difficult to be oxidized anyway.

That is to say titanium Round Bar metal nearly no rust.What’s more our titanium alloy can be kept as new

for tens of thousands of years.

4. Good Low-temperature performance : some titanium alloys strength (such as Ti-5AI-2.5SnELI) increases

with the decrease of temperature. They still have good ductility and toughness at low temperatures. It can

be used as ultralow temperature container and storage tank on dry liquid hydrogen.And titanium also be

used liquid oxygen rocket engine or manned spacecraft.

5. Shape memory function: It refers to the ability of Ti-50% Ni (atomic) alloy to recover its original shape

under certain temperature conditions.


Widely used : Such as Aerospace industry, portable computer, portable computer,armor,Art and

architecture, industry.Even including Military and scientific research.(For example :The medical field

often uses small-diameter round bar for body implantable fasteners and dental appliances).

Tips :

The Customs Clearance Fee Shall Be Borne By the Buyer

We can customize all titanium products (color/size and so on),you can contact us if you have special


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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